Seamlessly integrate your entire workflow with Google Apps or G Suite, and create, edit, store and access information effectively across multiple platforms anytime, anywhere through any device.

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Google Apps Features

  • Work from anywhere with anyone
    Work with different people from any corner of the world like they are sitting next to you! Share documents through cloud and conduct meetings through video conferencing to connect with the team from anywhere.
  • Advanced security and high quality control
    A centralized admin controls the access permissions to all users and advanced security measures keep all your business documents safe.
  • Access and sync from any devices
    Create, edit and share documents on the go from your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop. Seamlessly sync all your devices for easy retrieval and working.
  • Create a branded business email
    Get secure, professional looking branded custom email (like: for your business that can be easily configured through various email providers.
  • Collaborate and work in a single integrated environment
    Improve the productivity of your team by working on an integrated environment. Share and manage your schedules through calendar, work together on documents and share a cloud space.
  • Substantial storage space
    Get access to 30 GB online storage space for all the documents, media and email together. For a minimum cost, you can also get unlimited storage access.

Are you new to Google?

Get your teams on the same page on a single platform for effortless cross-functional working across teams in a single integrated platform.

Are you already using Google?

Make better use of G Suite now. Use all of the services available within G Suite to help your teams collaborate better and have a seamless experience.

Make use of our packages to move to G Suite and improve your productivity by many folds.

Google Apps or G Suite Migration Services

We help you migrate to Google apps quickly and effectively without any hassles.

  • We easily migrate all your emails, documents and files easily into your G Suite Domain.
  • We document a detailed report regarding the sync of the G Suite from your legacy system.
  • All migrations are performed over secure channel with backups of the documents in extreme cases of loss.

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G Suite Applications


google apps g suite gmail
Create a branded email for your business,, or any other domain that you see fit. We will help you migrate your whole email base to Gmail with no loss of data.

Collaborate with the team and schedule meetings, appointments and reminders easily using Calendar. We can migrate all your existing schedules to a common Calendar.

Google Drive

google apps drive
Learn the best way to collaborate, share and organize by interfacing across your team.

Google Forms
Create surveys, polls or registration forms and collect inputs from them easily through Google Forms.

Docs, Sheets and Slides

google apps sheets docs slides
Do you want to work together at the same time as the others on the same document? With Google Docs, Sheets and Slides create, edit and work together online.

Google Hangouts

Conduct meetings, interviews or keep up appointments using video conferencing through Hangouts. Send messages privately or to a group, chat and discuss effortlessly.

We are capable enough to assist and provide you the level of services you need for setting up your Google Apps or G Suite for your online businesses to run efficiently and effectively. You can fully rely on 2:45 Tech for any Google apps related queries or feel free to give us a call at (865) 465-4040 to know more about the Google Apps set up or migration services.

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