Project Details

Brimstone Recreation manages and promotes the recreational use of over 19,196 acres nestled in the remote wilds of Northeast Tennessee and located in the Heart of Appalachia. With over 300 miles of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails, the folks at Brimstone had their hands full trying to sell and manage Land Use Permits the old fashioned way. After understanding the challenges involved, we created an online point of sale system along with and Android app that scans the permits and provides real-time information on the permit holder. To make this all work in a remote area, we also helped Brimstone Recreation build and manage an enterprise level Wi-Fi solutions, which is deployed across four campsites and an outdoor event area.

Services Provided

  • Project management
  • Database architecture
  • Custom systems development
  • Custom back-office development
  • Mobile app development
  • User testing
  • Ongoing support