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In times when competition is rapidly growing, it is essential to concentrate on refining and automating your business processes to provide better service. But when your energy and attention is divided between creating efficiencies and working on your core business, you tend to lose focus.

Automating your processes will help your business evolve and become more profitable. In general, developing back office systems can involve any of the work done by your staff to manage your day-to-day business activities. From accounting and finance to warehouse, shipping, distribution and inventory management, a back office system compromises of a number of activities, which can be automated to save the time one spends in managing all the resources that help the main process.

Back Office Systems Overview
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Front office systems like sales and marketing focus on customer acquisition and help in improving the products and services offered by the business. When a front office system is integrated with a back office system, it can increase your business productivity and create a seamless line of task execution. Furthermore, it also helps in drastically reducing the time one spends on the same tasks when done manually, thereby reducing the manpower involved.

When a back office system is employed, it essentially helps a company concentrate on its main product and services without getting distracted by supporting manual processes and spending a considerable portion of time managing it.


It is quite tough to assume accurately how much money a large will require, as well as understanding what exact number of resources they need. By tracking data from old projects however, back office systems have sufficient ability to doing that so perfectly. The data they provide allows managers to anticipate more effectively for their future decisions and projects requirements, as well as well more accurately know the estimated costs. This helps to avoid the scenario of understaffing and losing the deadline, or overstaffing and wasting funds.

Highly Compatible Platform

Back office systems can be easily used if you have an up-to-date web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. All you need to have is good internet connectivity to start running the back office platform through the browser; it doesn’t matter if your operating system is Linux, Windows or Mac OS. Installation is only required on the company’s server rather than on each of the employee’s system, thereby making it easier to update and upgrade.

Reduction in Duplication

When your business processes are managed manually, there is a high chance of data duplication that can lead to a loss of valuable time and manpower, and in most cases, money. The automation and management of back office systems will help to eliminate all such problems associated with duplication.

Highly Accessible

A web based back office system can be accessed by end users, third parties, or any business partners from any remote location as long as they have a browser and a sound Internet connection. This facilitates work from home options and gives access to clients when needed to operate from their own location.

What Does 2:45Tech Offer?

 245tech back office solutions

  • We offer customized back office development and deployment including quality assurance and maintenance services.
  • We help in web portal integration with other third-party applications to help you get the most out of it. We can integrate any kind of system using APIs and custom programming on any platform through any language like .NET, C#, Web Forms, Angular, PHP, etc.
  • We also help in providing support for the hosting of your system as needed.
  • If you already have a back office system isn’t working as it should, we can help you fix it so your initial investment pays off.

Experience the Flexibility of Back Office Systems

Experience the Flexibility of Back Office Systems
At 2:45Tech, we offer fully customized solutions for your back office systems that enable your employees to work and perform better. From single point data entry to automatic invoice generation, we offer an end-to-end complete back office design, setup, and support solution that takes care of each of your specific needs, which contributes to better performance and growth of your organization.

  • Automate data entry and validation of data
  • Reduce the delays in payment systems
  • Inventory tracking
  • Automated accounting systems and reporting systems
  • Manage vendor information
  • Automated CRM systems
  • Integration with existing ERP systems

If you are looking to achieve business excellence through efficient performance, its time to get a back office system that works!

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