The team at 2:45Tech are Content Management Systems experts. WordPress, Drupal, and Craft CMS are just a few of the systems we have mastered. When choosing the right Content Management Systems platform, think of it like shopping for a new suit. WordPress is like buying a suit off the rack, while Drupal and Craft would be more like having one tailor-made to your exact specifications.

Drupal and Craft CMS, being CMS frameworks, are for clients who need exact specifications and have access to experienced developers. With 2:45Tech, you’ve found your CMS development team.

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WordPress is the most widely-used CMS in the world. With a broad spectrum of third-party themes and plugins, even the most inexperienced users can plug and play immediately.

If you’re building a small website or would prefer to avoid the overly technical work involved in development, WordPress is the ideal choice for you. With WordPress, you’re getting a suit off the rack. The framework has been decided for you, and with a few minor alterations, it’s still a pretty nice suit.

Sites that Use WordPress:

drupal cms website development knoxville

Drupal is a content management framework, meaning that the structure is there – and you add the rest. Drupal is ideal for websites functioning on the enterprise level, with large groups of people working together across different departments who require granular role-based permissions and workflow tools that go beyond a simple CMS. Drupal also has a wide array of third-party modules that can cut down on development time. With a little extra work, page templates can be easily built using widgets and content boxes thus providing the flexibility a content management framework should. With the right tailors (developers), this suit is going to fit in all the right places.

Sites that Use Drupal:

craft cms website development knoxville

Similar to Drupal, Craft CMS is another content management framework. Their slogan is “Craft is a content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike,” and we have to agree with that statement. Craft is highly customizable if you know what you want and your programming team is in place. As far as content flexibility is concerned, Craft is at the top of the list.

Craft’s template system allows for the building of highly customizable themes. This system coupled with the content management capabilities of the platform allows for an organized structure that adapts as your content continues to grow. Craft CMS is a high-end tailor-made suit, and it’ll look sharp on you.

Sites that Use Craft CMS:

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