BigCommerce DevelopmentBigCommerce is one of the fastest growing ecommerce development platforms and is preferred by many businesses. If you are looking to set up a small scale ecommerce web store or if you are already managing a large enterprise-level ecommerce store and are looking for a more robust platform, BigCommerce provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can accommodate all your of your needs.

One can’t stress enough on the importance of choosing the right ecommerce platform for an online store and BigCommerce is a solid option whether you are highly knowledgeable or just starting on the path. Due to its rapid deployment options, seamless user experience, and customizable designs, BigCommerce has made its name, especially among the small business world..

Why Choose 2:45Tech?

Right after choosing the proper platform for your online store, it is important to choose the right why 245Tech for BigCommerce DevelopmentBigCommerce development and support company that can help you create an ecommerce store just the way you want it. We have a highly competent team of BigCommerce developers who can help you create a design that communicates your message and provides credibility to your brand.

Our team has a great deal of practical experience in working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Stencil BigCommerce themes and therefore can provide a stable and reliable eCommerce store that fits your needs.

  • A dedicated team of capable individuals who work together with the goal of creating a reliable ecommerce store to accommodate all your needs.
  • Well-planned and well-defined approach strategically adopted to stay on time.
  • A dedicated project manager provides complete transparency throughout the development process.
  • Technical support and guidance to help your team learn to work with and manage the workflow with BigCommerce.

Our BigCommerce Development Services

BigCommerce Development Services

At 2:45Tech, we deliver quality results with the in-depth knowledge we have garnered from working on many BigCommerce projects. Our team of ecommerce experts is highly dedicated in developing solutions by leveraging the latest technology that adds value to your business.

BigCommerce Store Configuration

We provide services to setup your ecommerce store and get it configured with third-party applications to establish your online presence in your niche. We take care of all the integrations needed for payment processing, shipping, sales tax, and more. We also provide the workflow tools needed on the backend to keep track of every transaction and every order.

BigCommerce Updates, Plug-ins and Add-ons

We provide ongoing support to update your BigCommerce platform by adding new plug-ins, optimizing your theme, and integrating various add-ons. We also offer expert advice and services when it comes to back office systems development.

BigCommerce Theme Design and Development

A beautiful and easy-to-use interface can do a lot to attract and retains your customers and a proper theme design is essential for that. According to your business goals, we will design a proper theme that projects the main essence of your brand and expands your business reach.

BigCommerce Customization

Customizing your web store is what sets you apart from your competitors and also helps you deliver your brand’s purpose to your customers. Our experts will sit down with you to understand what your requirements are and how you want your ecommerce store to look and deliver a complete, reliable website for you.

BigCommerce Mobile App Development

Many online shoppers are now using mobile phones to access shopping websites and you don’t want to be left out of that race. With BigCommerce mobile development, we can provide the programming needed for iOS and Android so you never miss a sale.

BigCommerce Migration

If you are looking to migrate to BigCommerce from any other ecommerce platform, we will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition with complete security for your data during the process.

BigCommerce Modifications

If you already have an existing ecommerce website that needs modification to suit the latest your customers or if the web store’s performance isn’t up to the mark, we can help you in identifying the problems and implementing solutions for it to get your online web store back on track.

BigCommerce Support and Maintenance

We provide complete ongoing support and maintenance starting from updating to newer versions of plugin software to identifying and resolving any challenges that may hamper your workflow or the user interface. We offer several ongoing support packages with Service Level Agreements for response time, resolution time, and the option for 24/7/365 service.

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