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A Leader Among Mobile App Development Companies

At 2:45Tech, we know mobile and we know mobile app development. Our team consists of experienced Android and iOS programmers who have the skill and expertise to transform complex ideas into easy-to-use mobile applications. We serve the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, and Knoxville markets with high value mobile application development services.

Setting the Standard Among Mobile App Development Companies


We understand the power of mobile apps and what they offer to both individuals and businesses in terms of efficiency and access to information. At 2:45Tech we empower businesses by giving them the ability to make decisions faster through the development of enterprise-grade software and applications. We set the standard in mobile app development by utilizing the latest tools to ensure you are utilizing the cutting edge of mobile technology software.

Custom Mobile Apps Development


Our team of experts turns your ideas and concepts into actual code – the engine that makes things happen. In order to do this, we utilize a suite of powerful languages including: Swift, Objective-C, .NET, C#, Ionic, Java, and more

Mobile apps that excel in performance are more than simply lines of code. It is the team of people, behind the application development that make the difference. Our team is highly capable of producing innovative mobile app that outpace existing competitors in performance.

Our goal as a premier provider among app development companies is to create applications that deliver a quality user experience.

Intelligent mobile apps that enhance productivity: that’s what we provide for our customers at 2:45Tech.

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