Back in the day when websites were simple HTML documents with a few CSS and JS files it was easy to move your site around. With WordPress, you have to worry about moving a MySQL database, which isn’t for the faint of heart. WordPress is very dependent on the domain name upon which it lives, so a simple search and replace on the database isn’t going to work when moving to a new address.

Move on up with WPMigrate™

With WPMigrate, 2:45Tech will perform the following in order to make your website move easy:

  • Backup your entire site
  • Create a temporary domain where your new installation will live
  • Change the domain name throughout the database with careful consideration given to the GUID and serialized data
  • Installation of files and database on new server
  • Reactivate all plugins
  • Full quality assurance testing
  • Email migration (additional $14.95 per account – free if moving entire cPanel account)
  • Ecommerce and SSL migration (additional $199)

WPMigrate: $299 per site.

Do you have more than one WordPress site? Contact us at +1 844-244-TECH for information about multi-site discounts.

WordPress Migration