account executive

About Jeff Bales

Jeff graduated from the University of Tennessee and has over 18 years of experience in sales and marketing in the fitness and technology industries. He enjoys meeting new people and learning about their businesses. With a passion for finding solutions to challenges via constructive dialogue, his mission is to help our clients become more profitable and efficient online. 

I enjoy working with a variety of clients and finding an alternative to their challenges.  It’s similar to solving a puzzle, but more rewarding and fun, because I know the end result will positively impact another person.

In his free time, Jeff follows college football and basketball. You’ll most likely find him reading information on and, gaining an insider’s perspective on the Vols (and the ridiculous topics on the main board).
As one of our account executives, Jeff builds and maintains the bridge between us and our clients. His experience in technology and sales continues to provide our clients with sound recommendations and effective answers.
 Fun Fact: Jeff can easily recite sports facts from years past, but he can just as easily forget the details of a movie he watched ten minutes ago.


Phone number:
(865) 291-7147